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Just thinking out loud!...

Just thinking out loud!...

It's said that practice makes perfect. It is true that the only way to become better at something is to practice. However, I think it might be better to state it a little differently: Practice not being perfect or an expert, but rather practice being a learner. 

We have too many experts who are so perfect in what they do. They can only tell you how to do it, not show you or come alongside you, teaching you what they know and are learning. Learners simply show you how they learned and are learning by the practice of their lives instead of telling how they have arrived. 

Is this just a matter of semantics? Maybe, but look around. I see more experts than real partitioners who stumble through but enjoy the journey of learning and teach from their mistakes, wounds, and victories and show you by the example they practice in their lives. Practice doesn't make you perfect. Rather, a humble practitioner who teaches from a place of knowing by doing enables you to become more proficient. 

I hope to keep my heart in a learning posture and practice what I preach, growing as a learner in whatever subject I think I've gained any insight. I want to enjoy growing in more simplicity as a practitioner who gets his hands dirty in the soil of sowing and cultivating rather than planting plastic plants that look perfect but have no life or ability to reproduce. There is a beauty in being simply ordinary and more concerned with practicing to learn than being a perfect expert who can only really impart a glare of self-righteousness. The expert looks down upon you with his accomplishments instead of reaching out a hand to show you how to shovel through the dirt of their own trials, joys, mistakes, and hardships. Rather, I choose to enjoy the beauty of practicing being a learner not practicing to be perfect.