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Keys locked in my car leads to a kingdom encounter.

I wasn't thinking, and I locked my keys in the Suburban. Thankfully, we were at a restaurant, so while we waited for the locksmith we were able to enjoy our meal. While at the restaurant, I asked the Holy Spirit for a word of knowledge for the locksmith. I got a word about a condition in his body. When he pulled up, I thought I may have missed it. He was a fit young 20-something guy. As Chris, the locksmith, was unlocking my car, I told him that sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. I asked, "Do you have a condition in your neck and upper back." 

He said "Yes, I used to be a waiter, and I carried heavy trays." I asked him if it would be ok if I prayed for him. He said, "Sure, are you some kind of pastor or something? I grew up in a religious home, and my parents are very religious but I'm not." 

As I prayed for him, I told him he was going to feel a warm, tingling presence. I then had him move his body around. He exclaimed, "How did you do that?" He tried to explain it away, saying, "I'm not sure how you did that. Are you sure it's not some kind of mind trick? Like that p-thing..." 

"Do you mean a placebo effect?"

"Yeah! A placebo effect!" He was freaked out and tried to make sense of things. 

I asked him, "Well, do you feel better?" He said yes, he did. 

"Well, thank you so much," he said as he finished. He took off a percentage of the bill and gave me his personal number to call him in case I ever lock my keys in the car again so I can save myself some money. 

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, even when you lock your keys in your car.