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Kingdom Encounter at Dave and Busters!

We went as a family to Dave and Busters half price Wednesday nights! While we were there, my game card wasn't working, so I went to the front for help to get a new game card. As we were waiting, I got a word of knowledge for the sweet lady named Victoria.

“How did you know that? Did I look like I was standing funny?”

“No, just sometimes I get impressions about conditions in people's bodies, and I felt you had an issue with your shoulders.”

“I do! So much so that I have to use Icy Hot patches. Right now it's not as painful, but I'm still in pain.” I asked her if she would know if the pain went away. She said yes, she would know if it was gone.

“Victoria, let me see your hand.” I looked her right in the eyes, smiled, and said, “All the pain is going to go right now, and you’re going to feel a warm presence come over your shoulders in Jesus name.” She smiled really big, then looked in surprised as the pain left.

“Oh, thank you so much,” she said. Then she told me she felt the warm presence come over her. I told her this was the love of Jesus for her. Then the kids and I got our new game card and went off to play.

As we were heading out, I asked again how was her shoulders were doing. She gave me two thumbs up, a smile, and said there was still no more pain.

Remember the Kingdom of God is at hand even when you’re at Dave and Busters playing with your kids. Our job is to simply look, listen, respond, and put Jesus on display with love and power.