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Kingdom Encounters in Speyer!

We were finishing up our dinner when the waitress came to our table. I told my friend Susanna, "Ask her about her neck, shoulders, and back." 

When she did, the waitress looked at us with a surprised look on her face and said, "How did he know this?" Susanna told her JESUS told me. I asked if I could pray for her. The waitress, shocked but intrigued, said, "OK, sure." So I prayed for her and told her she'd feel a warm, tingling presence come over her body. As I did, she surprisingly acknowledged that she felt the warm, tingling sensation. She was so surprised! Then I commanded the pain to leave. "It's gone in my neck and shoulders," she declared, "but I still have some pain in my back."

I had her sit down in a chair; we observed that one of her legs was shorter than the other. I had everyone at the table look, and I prayed for her legs. She felt her leg grow out, and everybody at the table saw it. She was so freaked out. I had her stand up and check for pain, but it was all gone! We shared with her that this was the love of Jesus; she was so taken back by the experience. 

Then we went walking in the middle of Speyer where I saw a lady walking on crutches. I approached her with a smile and said, "Hey, what happened to you?" (I had my new friends translate for me.) The woman told us that she had broken her foot and was in pain, so we asked if we could pray for her. As we prayed, the woman felt the presence of God, and the pain left. 

Her sister spoke up, "Please pray for me!" She so wanted prayer, so we prayed she could feel the manifest presence of the Lord come, and her pain left. 

Their other friend asked, "Please pray for my neck." So we did, and all the pain left after the 3rd prayer. We shared with them this was the love of Jesus for them. We hugged as they thanked us. 

Then I saw a man playing on an accordion. I told my friend, "Hey, I think he has a condition in his back." So we went over to him, asked him if he was experiencing back problems, and he said yes! He was a bit taken back that we knew this, and he let us pray for him. The pain went from a 7 to a 0. He was so touched! We hugged and told him this was the love of Jesus. It was so sweet. He started playing Amazing Grace on his accordion! 

We were just hanging out with friends, walking through the city center, not trying to do outreach, just having fun with our friends and enjoying the beautiful day.