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Earlier this year, I was interviewed by my friend Putty Putman, who is the director of the School of Kingdom Ministry at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL. Putty put together a series of interviews with Darren Wilson, Robby Dawkins, Todd White, and me called Kingdom Insights.
Today, I got an email from a friend named Will Russell who, along with his family, is a missionary in Africa. He watched the Kingdom Insights interview that Putty did with me and sent me this testimony.
I love hearing stories like this, when people get activated and encouraged to do the stuff of the kingdom. It’s a great testimony, and I encourage you to read it and step out and take a risk like Will did...
We had been mostly in our village in West Africa for the last 3 months, away from fellowship with other believers (besides our own family), away from electricity so no Internet to contact others in the States nor to watch encouraging videos. When we finally took a little vacation to a hotel in another city, (with electricity, AC, and Internet), we were eager to check up on what is going on with our friends and find some encouragement somewhere. I noticed on Facebook that sometime over the past few months Brian Blount was interviewed by Putty Putman and that the interview was part of a series of interviews called Kingdom Insights.
It sounded right up our alley for some encouragement so I rented them on Vimeo and my wife and I watched Brian's interview our first night at the hotel after the kids went to sleep. We were encouraged by all his testimonies of people who were healed as he went about his normal activities during the day. One that stuck out (because we are staying at a hotel ourselves) was when he prayed for a housecleaning lady while he and his family were staying at a hotel. Once he prayed for the Holy Spirit to come, Brian said she fell on the floor for 10 minutes. Once he asked her how she was doing, the cleaning lady said that she didn't know how she was going to clean her 70 rooms that day because the pain was so bad, but now the pain had left her. I never thought about how tough that might be to clean so many rooms every day. So, the next morning, I decided when passing the lady cleaning the rooms in our hotel that I would ask her if she has pain in her body. She said, "You bet I do!" She told me her back hurt and then asked, "Why? Do you have some kind of ointment that will help." I said, "No, but I pray for people and see some of them get healed, especially ones with back problems. Do you want me to pray?" She enthusiastically said yes! So I asked for God's Kingdom to come and spoke to the pain to leave. I asked her how it was and I couldn't really tell from her answer. I asked if there was any pain left. She said yes, but it was better. So I prayed again and as I was praying, I remembered how

Brian in his testimonies would ask for the Holy Spirit to come to touch them. I asked Him to come to show her how much He loves her, and when I said that, she jerked a little bit. I've never seen that happen when I pray for someone, but I wasn't surprised. After, I asked how she was. She said, "Good." I couldn't tell if she was all the way better and I've learned that I can't watch their reactions because here in Africa people are more used to spiritual stuff happening than people in America. They have seen more spiritual stuff their whole life. But I knew God did something.
I went back to my room and a few minutes later, a knock on our door. It was another of the cleaning ladies asking for prayer. When we prayed for her, she said her body got hot. Afterwards, she said it was good. Still, no amazed reaction from her. Then, about 20 minutes later another knock on our door and another cleaning lady was standing there asking for prayer for her back and her eyes, which have started to be sealed up in the mornings and hazy. We prayed for her back and she didn't react at all. I asked if she felt anything in her body, but she said no. Then, I asked if there was any pain anymore. The said she's not aware of any right now. I prayed for her eyes, too. It surprises me how little they react and how many I pray for expect something to happen.
Then, today, I ran into all of them again. The first one (which I initiated praying for) told me that she had slept great last night and still had no pain. The 2nd one said that she is better. The third told me that she had no problems with her eyes this morning and wants us to pray more for her. She wants more blessing!
Before watching these videos, I wasn't feeling much faith nor motivation to pray for people. But after watching, Brian's testimonies helped me remember that God's Kingdom is at hand here at this hotel and that He is ready to work. I just need to look, listen, and step out, then watch Him work! Thanks Brian and Putty for putting these videos together. Thank you, God, for giving me access to this stuff halfway around the world from them and the encouragement of the Body of Christ by Your Holy Spirit!
Will Russell