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Knock, knock! Who's there?

Knock, knock! Who's there?

While we were in Chemnitz, Germany, I went to the blocks (apartment complexes) with Pastor Rolf, my interpreter Dorit, and her son Jonah. We went door to door wishing people a happy Easter and asking if we could pray an Easter blessing over them. As you can imagine, we had several people who didn't want an Easter blessing, but we kept knocking, looking for the ones that did. We were able to talk and meet a few people, and we got to pray for some. One lady was healed from pain caused by a broken leg. She had hobbled to the door, but after we prayed for her, she felt a warm, tingling presence come over her body. All the pain left, and she was able to stand on her leg and not hobble. 

We met another man who was so excited to meet a man from Oklahoma! It was quite funny. We talked awhile, then we asked if we could pray an Easter blessing over him. We asked if he had any pain; he did in his legs and back. We prayed 4 times. He felt a warm, tingling presence come over his legs, and the pain went down to about a one. 

Then we met a sweet lady who answered the door. She had painful headaches after a stroke. She let us pray for her, and all the pain left as she felt a warm feeling come over her body. She was so sweet and so open. Rolf shared the gospel with each of them. 

We simply went knocking door to door, looking for the open door and open heart to express and demonstrate the love and power of the gospel. 

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. Our job is simply to put the kingdom on display with love and power.