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Leg grows out at Payless Shoes store!

I was with two of my daughters at Payless. As they were looking for shoes I was looking to see what the Holy Spirit was doing. Brianna the cashier was highlighted to me. I asked if she needed any prayer for any pain she might have. She said she most always has pain in her lower back due to a car accident.

I asked her if I could try something. "Do you mind sitting on this bench and letting me check to see if one of your legs is shorter than the other due to the accident?" Brianna said sure, so she sat down and let me check to see if one leg was shorter than the other, and sure enough it was.

 "Oh my gosh," she said. "That must be the problem."  She could see that one leg was about an inch and a half different in length.

 "Brianna, watch this. Leg grow now. Jesus, thank you that you love Brianna." Then we all watched as her right leg grew out to normal length. I asked Brianna what she felt, and she said with a smile of shock that she could feel her leg grow. Then I prayed again over back asking the Holy Spirit to give her a sign in her back that it was completely healed. Brianna said she felt a warmth come into the area of her back where the injury was.

I look at Brianna and said, "This was the love of Jesus for you." Brianna was a believer, and she thanked me for praying for her.

My girls were shopping, and I was shopping. They were shopping for shoes, and I was shopping for what the Holy Spirit was doing.

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond, and put Jesus on display with love and power.