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Lost Keys turn into a Kingdom Encounter...

Lost Keys turn into a Kingdom Encounter.
After Mark, Ryan, and I left the Buy4Less yesterday and saw the woman walk way carrying her cane, I happened to see keys laying in the parking lot. I picked them up and was going to take them into the store. As I picked them up a guy said, "Hey, those are my keys I lost." So I handed him the keys, and he was very thankful. I asked him if we could pray for him about anything. "No," he said. "But my friends could use some prayer," and he pointed to a car.
There were 4 people in their late teens to early 20's. The young man said, "This guy found our keys, and he wants to know if he can pray for any needs." They were all very thankful that we found the keys.
I asked if any of them had any physical pain. They all said no, so I told them that sometimes Jesus gives us words and pictures for people. "Would it be ok if we pray and ask Jesus for a word or picture for you?" They said sure. But then we

had nothing. No impressions at all. All I knew is that faith is spelled RISK and that Jesus really loves them and wants to encounter them. So we just began to speak, trusting the Lord would give us a word. Sure enough, Jesus began to give us info about their life and destiny. They were so shocked.

Then we asked if they wanted to experience the presence of God. They said yes, and as they got out of the car, more words came. They began to feel a tingling heat come all over them. They were all so surprised and shocked and kept thanking us. They were amazed by Jesus.

The kingdom of God is always at hand, and our job is simply to look, listen, and respond.