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Milk, Cereal, and a Kingdom Encounter...

Great way to start off the morning! Went to get cereal and milk for the kids. As I was at Dollar General checking out, I got a word of knowledge for the lady behind the counter about a neck condition that she had. I asked her about it, and she said she was in some pain in her neck. "Just let me see your hand," I said, "and a warm tingling presence will come over your neck right now." Then I told her to move her neck. As she did, all the pain was gone. I told her, "This is Jesus, and He is in pursuit of you, and he loves you." She looked at me and smiled. She was shocked by the pain being completely gone. She's had pain every day for three years from a car accident. She said, "I haven't felt this good in years." She said there was still a tingling presence lingering on her neck as we were talking. She said it felt so good! I looked at her again and said, "This was the love of Jesus demonstrated towards you." I mentioned I would check in on her this week to see how she was doing and she was very open to that.

The kingdom is at hand even when you are buying milk and cereal for your kids. We get the opportunity to put Jesus on display, and it's as simple as being aware that the Holy Spirit is actively working, and our part is to look, listen, and respond.

Make yourself available, and the Holy Spirit will impart the ability you need to demonstrate the love and power of a good God.