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Missed a word of knowledge, but God's presence still came!

Jeanine and I went to Pearle Vision so I could give her great advice on what pair of frames to pick. The gentleman assisting us was named John. After is expert opinion to choose frame #1 (the same one I had already told Jeanine to choose), I asked John if he was experiencing a pain between his shoulder blades. 

"No," he said. 

"Well, sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people when I see them..."

"You do what??" he interrupted quizzically? "What do you mean?"

"Well sometimes when I'm around people, God gives me pictures or impressions about them or about problems in their body that he wants to heal." He looked even more confounded, so to set him at ease I added, "I'm a pastor, and I like to pray for people. I guess I just missed it on you."

"Huh. That's cool."

"Do you have any pain anywhere in your body or anything I can pray for you about?"

"Not really. Well, I take that back. Lately my back has been hurting when I wake up in the morning. Also, my wife has really bad pain from an accident she was in five years ago."

"Do you mind if I just pray a blessing for you?"

"Sure," John replied. 

I asked him to hold out his hands, and I began to pray a blessing over him and asked God's presence to come on him. 

"Yeah, I feel that! It's like a warm presence all over me!"

"When you see your wife tonight, just place your hands on her and ask for that same blessing to come on her. Tell her that it is for the glory of Christ and His great love for her, and she will feel it too."

He was surprised and thanked me. 

Remember, as you go, you will miss it on words of knowledge from time to time. But that doesn't change the fact that you have an opportunity to pray for and bless someone. In situation like that or when there's no expressed need, I still ask if I can pray a blessing so that people can feel and sense God's presence with them as a sign to them that God is pursuing them with His great love. It's also a great way to equip people and activate them in spreading God's love to others. It's simply another step for them on their journey of faith, because they are putting action to what faith they do have.