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More Kingdom Encounters at the ER....

More Kingdom Encounters at the ER....
Here are just a few encounters from last week at the ER from the outreach from the DWJD conference as my friend Gordon and I went it to put Jesus on display with love and power.

Prayed for a lady who had been in pain for over a year with stomach pain due to Crohn's disease. As we prayed for her, she felt a warm swirling presence touch her stomach as the pain left.

As we were walking through the hospital, we saw a young man. The Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge about pain in his body. After Gordon and I prayed for him, the pain left and he felt the presence of the Lord come all over him. He gave his life to Jesus. Then we prayed for the empowerment Holy Spirit to come upon him. He felt power come on his hands, and Gordon and I gave him a commission to go pray for the sick. He was actually on his way to visit his sister in the hospital. We told him to do for his sister what we had done for him.

As Gordon was praying for others in the ER, I prayed over a lady who had fallen and messed up her knee and foot. As I prayed over her, all the pain left. She was so shocked. I told her this was Jesus pursuing a relationship with her.

As Gordon and I were leaving the hospital, we struck up a conversation with another lady out in the parking lot. I had a word of knowledge about a breathing condition, and she said she had COPD. As we prayed for her she felt this tremendous warmth come into her chest, and the tension left. She keep saying, "I can take a full, deep breath. It's like I just took my inhaler medicine." She was a believer and she had been taking care of several family members struggling with sickness. She was so grateful as the Lord came and touched her.

I so love Gordon's heart. Not only was he bold and compassionate, but he had a heart of generosity. The woman with the COPD commented on his cross necklace, saying she had been looking for a cross necklace and asked where he got it. Gordon said he got it on Greece, and he took off the necklace and have it to her. This was a necklace he greatly valued and it had deep meaning for him and had been very costly. She was blown away.