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New Shoes, a Kingdom Encounter and an update to the drive-through healings at McDonald's!

After church today, Jeanine and I went to buy three of our boys shoes ( before she headed out for the day by herself for Mothers Day ) because their other shoes where soaked and muddy from playing out side yesterday. So we went to Payless Shoes to get the boys a much needed pair of shoes. As we were checking out, I asked Chelsea the shoe lady if she was experiencing any pain in her body. She said she had a pinched nerve and her shoulder was hurting. I asked on a scale from 1 to 10 what her pain level was. She said a 6. 

I looked at Chelsea and said, "Let me see your hand." Then I spoke to the pain and told her she would feel a warm, tingling presence come over her shoulder. 

I then asked her to move it around. As she did, with a shocked look she said, "How did you do that?!" She said all the pain was gone and she felt that warm presence. 

"That's the love of Jesus for you," I explained. Then I thanked her for serving us and we left with new shoes and she got a new shoulder ; ) 

...Update on the McDonald's drive-through healing. After getting the new shoes for the boys. Jeanine and I picked up some lunch for the Kiddos. As we pulled up to pay, guess who was there? Christian, the cashier lady we prayed for a couple of days ago! 

Christian went on to tell me that she still had no pain in her knee. In fact the next day she ran around lake Hefner!!! I asked about her friend and she said she is totally fine no pain in fact she was about to go home because the pain in her hand was so bad but after you prayed for her all the pain left and she went on to work a double shift! Come on Jesus!!! 

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you're shopping for new shoes or picking up McDonald's for your kiddos. We get to put Jesus on display where ever we go with love and power!