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New shoes, fear, and the Kingdom!

I was needing a new pair of Sketcher shoes, so I went to the Sketchers outlet to buy a new pair of shoes. As I was checking out, I noticed the lady behind the counter, and I felt the Holy Spirit give me a word about a condition in her body. There was a line starting to gather to check out as well, and I felt this fear come over me: You're going to miss it and look so foolish. It was a strong feeling of fear, and I had to push through the feeling of fear. Even though I regularly step out and pray for people I still feel the ministry of fear bidding for my attention. So I made the choice to push past the fear and love the one in front of me, which meant stepping out in RISK. I might look foolish or miss it but my success wasn't if I got it right - it was love and obedience. 

I went for it in love and said to Michelle, "Are you having a tension in your neck and upper shoulders?" She looked and me and said yes with a shocked look on her face. I asked her what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10. She said an 8. I then told her, "Sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. I'm a Christian." Then I reached out my hand. She took ahold of it like I was going to shake her hand, and I looked right at her. With the fear still nipping at my heals, I spoke to her pain, told her she would feel a warm, tingling presence come over her body, and the pain would leave. Then I told her to move her body around. 

She looked at me with a surprised look, and I asked her what she felt. "I felt a warm, tingling presence." I asked her where the pain was. She said, "It's gone!" I told her this was the love of Jesus for her.

Fear will always try to step in to derail God's purposes and discourage us. Remember that we overcome fear by love. And our success is measured in obedience and love. 

The kingdom of God is at hand as you go about your day. Remember to put Jesus on display wherever you go.