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Nothing seemed to happened as I prayed for the receptionist at the doctors office, so what did I do?

As I was checking into the doctor for a checkup, I heard the receptionist say to another co-worker how bad she felt. I looked at her and said, "I love to pray for people. Can I pray for you?" As I prayed for the receptionist, nothing happened. I came back later to turn in my paperwork and her sinus headache still hadn't changed.

Every time you step out and don't see something happen, you're sowing seed for a kingdom breakthrough.

Later on today, I had to take the triplets for a checkup to their doctor as well. A couple struck up a conversation with me about the triplets. I felt as though I had a word for the husband and totally missed it. He was curious to why I asked, and I told him I love to pray for people. I asked if he had anything he needed prayer for. He went on to tell me about a pain in his chest that comes and goes on a regular

basis and how it worries him. He said he had a car accident and had been jumped by a group of guys.

"Hey," I said, "could I pray for you even though you're not experiencing any pain right now?" He was more than open to letting me pray for him. So I moved to the row across from him, looked him in the eye, smiled, and said, "Jesus is so passionately pursuing you. You're going to feel this warm tingling feeling come into your chest as a sign that Jesus is pursuing you and healing you from this condition." He looked surprised and smiled, and I said, "You're feeling that, aren't you?"


"You're feeling that warm, tingling presence in your chest."


Right then we got called into our room. I shook his hand and said, "That's the love of Jesus for you."

"Thanks man," he said with a smile.

You never really fail when you step out to love and serve someone. Even though the receptionist wasn't healed, she was grateful I noticed her and took the time to pray for her. And that was sowing a seed for a kingdom breakthrough. Remember the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what.

Our job is just to step out and love on people putting Jesus on display.