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NYC Uber driver healed during conversation!!!

This last Sunday, Sean Beckett, Tyler, and I were in NYC, and we took a 45-minute Uber ride to 911 Memorial. Our driver was Zinatun, who is a devout Muslim. As we talked, I asked her about her family and about her faith. 

I purposefully didn’t say anything to her about me being a Christian or about Jesus – I just listened to her story. 

A little while into the conversation, I felt I had 4 words of knowledge about Zinatun’s health – stress headaches, difficulty sleeping, and pain in her lower back and neck.

I asked her if she had these problems. “Yes, I have all of those,” she replied in shock. I asked her what her pain level was now on a scale of 1-10, and she said it was a 9. “How did you know this? I’ve had this pain for 4 years!”

I told her I have a gift where I get pictures and impressions of what is going on in people’s lives. “Wow, that is very interesting,” she replied.

“Zinatun, would you like me to do something about those conditions and take the pain away?”

“You can do that? How?”

“Yes, I can. When you drop me off, if you give me one minute, I can take care of it.” She asked me how I would take care of it, and I explained that I would just speak to her pain and tell it to go, and it will. “Please do,” she said, still perplexed.

We continued talking, and about 3 minutes later, Zinatun blurted out, “Did you just do that thing?” I told her I hadn’t done anything. “I’m hot all over my body! Like I’m sweating. And all the pain just left my back!”

“Well, that’s very interesting,” I said with a smile. Sean and Tyler were in the back seat trying to hide their shock as well. The Holy Spirit was sovereignly healing her. Zinatun went on to explain that her back pain was totally gone, and her neck was very hot as well, and the pain in her neck had gone down to a level 4. She was bewildered.

As we continued to talk, Zinatun asked me for my phone number. “I would like to stay in contact with you,” she said. When we arrived at the memorial, I asked Zinatun if the rest of the pain had left. “No, but I’m still hot all over.”

I told her the rest of the pain would leave now. I asked if I could touch her hand, and I was surprised when she said yes because I knew this was not something a Muslim woman would normally allow. I commanded all the remaining neck pain to leave. I prayed twice, and the second time, all the pain left.

Zinatun asked me how I had done that. I explained, “The gift I have is the Holy Spirit. I’m a Christian. What you just experienced was Jesus healing you. Jesus loves you, Zinatun. Have you ever experienced Allah like this or received healing from Allah?” She replied no. “Well, this is what Jesus does, and I’m a follower of Jesus. As Christians, this is what we do. This is what Jesus does. This is the love of God expressed to you, that Jesus is pursuing a relationship with you.”

At the end of the conversation, Zinatun said, “I believe in Allah, but I don’t know how you did this.” Again, I told her that Jesus was the one who did this. She was definitely perplexed and having to rethink a lot of what she believed about Jesus. I would have loved to have talked to her more, but security guards around the memorial were preventing cars from lingering.

What I love so much about this story is that Jesus has called us to be witnesses and sowers of the gospel. One of the most amazing things about this story is that I didn’t even pray and God was moving. Just because we are believers and Jesus resides in us, the Holy Spirit began to heal her before I even prayed.

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, even when you are in an Uber. Our job is to love the one in front of us. We look, listen, and respond to what Jesus is doing, and we put Jesus on display with love and power.