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"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! The pain is gone,” said the supervising agent in the retention department of AT&T.

Well as many of you know, Jeanine and I just got back from being in South Africa for 17days, where which we had an amazing time. When we got home, my kids and mother-in-law told us that our AT&T internet service has been having major problems, which is super frustrating because we've had 6 technicians out since we moved this spring, and I've been on the phone so many times with AT&T. (The one redeeming thing is almost every time the Holy Spirit has spoken to me about an issue or condition with the agent I was speaking to, and I've seen many people healed over the phone.)

A supervisor named Kiana was helping me to figure out the problem. I said, “Kiana, before we get off the phone, let me ask you something. I know this might sound a bit odd, but have you been having these conditions in your body?” I went on to describe pain on the right side of her body in her shoulder blade going down her back and also pain in her left knee.

 “Oh my goodness! How did you know that?” she exclaimed. I told her that I'm a Christian and that Jesus often will give me insight into things that are going on with people as a sign of his love for them. She said, “Oh! I'm a believer, but this is wild.” I told her this is what Christians do. Then I went on to ask her her pain level from 1 to 10. She said it was an 8. I began to pray. I spoke to the pain and told it to go. I told Kiana she would experience a warmth or tingling in her body. Then I asked her to look for the pain by moving around.

She got quiet then said, “I can't find the pain anywhere. Oh my goodness, this is crazy.”

“No really,” I said, “check it! How does it feel?”

She moved around and did whatever she needed to do to check for the pain. She said, “It’s all gone, but there is a tiny bit of pain in my left shoulder.” So I spoke to the pain again, telling it to go, and asked her to move it. She yelled out, “Oh my goodness! What are you doing to me?” She said, “I felt that tingling go all over my body, and it just left! I've had this pain for 3 months and there is no more pain.”

I again explained, “This was just a sign of God’s good love for you.”

“Oh my goodness, you just made my day. This is amazing. Oh my goodness!”

Remember Jesus is at work all they time matter what, when, or where. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond, and put him on display with love and power.