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On the way to the hospital...

On the way to the hospital today, Jeanine and I stopped at Burger King. I thought I heard two words of knowledge for the drive thru lady. Both were wrong. Total bomb. I explained that sometimes The Lord gives me impressions for people. And she said, "Well keep me in you prayers. My name is Eileen." I asked if there was anything in her body that needed healing. "My feet hurt awful bad." I asked her the pain level and it was a 9. I prayed a very short prayer and asked her to move her feet. She was so excited a flipping out - and said it was totally gone. As we drove away, we could hear her yelling to her fellow employees "I just got a miracle! I just got a miracle!"

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, even when you think you heard from God and it's a busy, and when you are going through your own pain. God's kingdom is at hand even in the midst of suffering.
Another one for Tyler.