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Outreach on Monday was crazy wild...

Outreach on Monday was crazy wild. The gospel was declared in proclamation and demonstration. Healings started as soon as we stepped out of the car. Shame and hopelessness broke off people, tears of pain and sorrow, and tears of joy and hope. We heard more testimonies of healing from the week before!! We saw a crazy deliverance and healing that I will share in the near future. I will say it was powerful, messy, crazy, and glorious. We saw the kingdom come! We were seeing darkness pushed back. I look forward to being able to share the full story soon. 

Again, I was amazed as people from multiple churches came together to proclaim the kingdom. We had people from Crestwood, Frontline Downtown, Frontline South, Antioch, and His Tribe all working together for one purpose, to declare the kingdom of God is at hand. 

Join us next Monday as we love God, love people and push back darkness ! Meet at Frontline South lower level by the bingo hall at 5:45 for prayer, set-up, and brief instruction.