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People often ask me, "What do you pray?" or "What are the words you use when you pray for someone?"

People often ask me, "What do you pray?" or "What are the words you use when you pray for someone?" First of all, there is NO formula. It's  really not about the words you use. It’s about the relationship you have with the Father and the commissioning you have as a believer to put Jesus on display. With that being understood, I often use non-religious words, but I never shy away from saying Jesus or Holy Spirit. I pray very short prayers of command. For example, if someone's back was hurting, I might say, "Back, be healed. Pain, go for the glory of Christ and your love for ________." Then I would either have the person move around or ask what they are experiencing. Sometimes I even tell them, "This is what you're going to experience. It will be like a wave of heat or a tingling feeling." This is simply stepping out in faith, turning up the RISK factor, and making myself totally vulnerable, trusting and relying on the presence of the Holy Spirit. You might say, well that's crazy, and maybe you're influencing them with the power of suggestion. That's not the case at all. I have had countless people for years tell me what they felt or tried to best describe what they were feeling. Most of the time they say I feel a warmth, heat, electricity, peace, zapping feeling, or sometimes they can’t stand or they just weep. I love to experiment and try new things as I pray or minister to people. I think we have full freedom in expressing His love and power. It’s about putting Jesus on display and loving the person. I will always avoid anything that would purposely embarrass the person. I have also found out that people don’t get upset if nothing happens and are always suprized when something does. I always try to look the person in the eye, say their name, and tell them how much they are loved by Jesus. So be creative. Try short, non-religious sounding prayers. Never avoid boldly sharing Jesus, and know there are no formulas. It's about relationship and commissioning to GO and put Jesus on display.