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Pushback and Push Through

Today Mark, Sean, and I experienced some push back as we went out to pray for people. It was a little hard going at first. I was even told by someone I was a false prophet and I would burn in the lake of fire. That's always fun to hear ;) That was after I got a correct word about a condition that was going on in his body, but he didn't want prayer. So I thanked him for blessing me. 

Then we went on to the hospital were we saw a few people receive a measure of healing as they felt the Lord’s presence. We prayed for two different ladies who had cancer. One of the ladies' pain went from a 10 to 5, and she was able to breathe better. The other lady had a tumor on her leg. Her pain was at a 10. After we prayed she felt a warmth come into her leg where the tumor was, and all the pain left! The last person we prayed for was a guy who had really bad back pain. After praying for him 3 times the pain was totally gone. 

Sean felt as though he had a word for someone at a McDonald’s, so as we ended our time we drove to a McDonald's where Sean did his first drive through word of knowledge! 

When the push back comes just push on through.