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Salesman calls me on the phone, Gets healed from a 20 year condition, Encounters the Holy Spirit tangible and gives his life to Christ!

A travel company called trying to get my business. As they pitched me, they threw in all the bells and whistles. Normally I jut say I’m not interested and end the call, but today I had a faint, fleeting thought—so faint I could have just dismissed it. But I know this is often how the Holy Spirit speaks and that our job as a believer is to always be looking and listening for his whisper and then respond, step out into risk in order to display the love and power of a good God.

So I thought I would at least hear Jason's pitch and at the same time be listening for what the Holy Spirit might be doing. He was fun and engaging, and in the end I purchased something from him because it was actually a good deal and Jeanine and I had been looking for something similar. Jason asked if I had any other questions before he transferred me to the verification process.

I said, “Jason, I actually do. This may sound a bit odd or out there, but I have this gift about having pictures and impressions for people sometimes about what’s going on with the person. It’s usually about physical issues that people are dealing with. Now I’m not a psychic, and I’m not 100% right. I have often missed it. So with that being said, would you like me to share the impressions I felt for you? They are all physical issues.”

Jason said, “Sure man! I’m open to this kind of stuff. Shoot!” So I described three areas that we’re giving him issues.

“Man, that’s crazy!” Jason said. “How did you know that? Two of the conditions happened last night, and I didn’t sleep hardly at all and was in a lot of pain. The other condition I’ve had for 20 years from an accident.” His condition was scoliosis. I didn’t name scoliosis, but I had described all three of his issues perfectly, including where he experiences pain from his scoliosis. Jason again said, “Man, this is crazy!”

 “Jason, describe your pain level if we were using a measuring scale of 1 to 10,” I said.

“I have a very high pain tolerance because I’ve had to learn to live with the pain for 20 years. For most people the pain level would be much higher, but I would give my pain at this moment around 4, but it often goes higher than that.”

Then I asked Jason, “So you’ve been in pain for 20 years everyday without a break in the pain?”

 “Yes, I just have had to live with it.”

I boldly said to Jason, “What if I told you I could get rid of your pain right now over the phone? What would you say about that?”

Of course this intrigued Jason, and he was tired of living in pain. Jason said, “I’m open. Go for it if you can. Let’s see what you got.”

“OK,” I said. “Here is what’s going to happen, Jason. In just a minute all the pain is going to completely leave. Are you ready?”

“Yep. Go for it.”

This is what I said: “Jesus, thank you for your healing presence. Now I command all the pain associated with this condition of scoliosis to go right now in Jesus’ name. Now Jason, you’re going to feel a warm sensation come into your back . . . ”

And before I could even say all that, he said, “Oh my! This is crazy! I can feel that!”

 “Now Jason, move your body around and look for the pain.”

He was undone, saying, “I can’t feel the pain.”

I said, “That’s awesome, but I mean really look for the pain. Move, stretch, do whatever you need to do in order to find the pain.”

Jason said, “I can’t find any pain and this heat on my back feels like Icy Hot.”

I then said, “Jason, as you can tell, I’m a Christian. I’m a follower of Jesus. Now here is what I mean by that, because I know there is so much baggage with Christianity and religion. This has nothing to do with rules, regulations, or religion. It’s about a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m talking about Jesus, who is God, reaching out in his love and pursuing you with relationship. I don’t know where your faith is, but Jesus encountered you today and is inviting you into relationship with him. He knew about the conditions in your body, you tangibly felt him, and 20 years of pain left. What do you think about that?”

 “This is amazing. I’m freaking out! Blown away. But to be honest,” Jason said, “I’ve fallen away from the faith. I went through a bad divorce, have all this anger in me.”

“Jason, Jesus never walked away from you. And he’s not condemning you that you’ve walked away from him. But he’s simply expressing that he’s here and wants a relationship with you and wants to bring healing to you. There’s no better time to be with Jesus than in the midst of your own pain, fear, and brokenness. So we don’t get cleaned up then come to Jesus. We come to Jesus as we are—broken and lost. And Jesus pours out his grace and love on us. Jason, I don’t know your whole situation with your divorce, but I also know that you don’t want to live in that anger. You need the grace of God to empower you to forgive and be healed from it. So my question to you, Jason, is are you ready to come back to Jesus, to give your life fully to him.”

With the sound of sniffles in my ear, Jason said, “Yes. I’m ready.”

I led Jason into prayer, and Jason was praying together with me. It was so heartfelt. After Jason invited Jesus to be the Lord of his life, I said, “Jason, I’m going to pray for you right now, for the Holy Spirit to come tangibly over you to give you confidence and faith that you are fully accepted and loved.” I asked the Holy Spirit to come, and Jason said he felt heat envelop his whole body. He felt the strong presence of heat permeating him. “Jason, the Holy Spirit is the comforter. I think he’s here to let you know that you have been accepted and loved back into relationship with him.”

I told Jason he could look me up on Facebook so we could chat more and connect again. He said, “I’ll do that. I gotta go now. I gotta cry. This is unbelievable.”

 “Yeah! Isn’t this cool! You got a sale. I got a vacation. You got healed from 20 years of pain. And you came back to Jesus! I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, huh?”

“That’s a great deal,” Jason chuckled as we got off the phone.

Remember the Holy Spirit is always working all the time, and he’s constantly whispering, inviting us to partner with him to display the love and power of Jesus to broken, hurting, lost people. I was just sitting at my house minding my own business when I got a sales call. I was about ready to hang up, but I felt that slight impression from the Holy Spirit—such a fleeting thought that I could have missed. But instead I engaged and went with the slight whisper, and a sales call turned into a kingdom encounter with a 20 year condition healed and a man totally recommitting his life back to Jesus. We don’t even have to leave our house to see the kingdom come, people healed and coming to faith as long as we are looking, listening, and responding to what the Holy Spirit is already doing.