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Saw several crazy healings tonight...

Saw several crazy healings tonight. It was amazing! We gathered in front of the bingo hall right next to the Frontline South campus. 
There were tears, joy, and great conversations as people encountered the love and presence of Jesus. This was our model: We simply gathered a small group of people that had a heart to serve and love people. We set out a table with coffee and water, lined up some chairs, invited people to sit down if they liked, and then asked if we could serve them by praying for them. The funny thing was most people said no to the free water and coffee but jumped all over letting us pray for them. It was amazing. 

If you want to come love on people and have an opportunity to pray for people, join us next Monday night from 6-9 at Frontline South, lower level, next to the Bingo hall, as we grow loving God, loving people, and pushing back darkness.