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Serve the one serving you.

I love praying for waiters and waitresses. As a church staff, we went out to lunch and I could tell the waitress was super busy. She was taking care of most of the restaurant, and we had a large table. She was just so sweet and doing her best with a smile. She had served us well, so I asked if I could serve her and pray for her. She mentioned she was in a lot of pain in her right foot, and it was about a 9 on a scale from 1-10. I told her I'm a Christian and I would love to serve her as she served us.

As we prayed for our waitress, the pain she was experiencing started going away, so much so she looked at me and said, "How are you doing this?" I told her this was Jesus, and I prayed for her again. Each time I prayed, we could see visible jolts through her body. She was stunned and surprised as the pain kept dropping down. I told her this was the love of Jesus being expressed towards her. She was taken back. She said, "I feel so weird." She felt sensations and heat all over her body and said, "Look, I'm sweating." She was shocked but so grateful because she felt the love and power of Jesus, and the pain dissipated greatly.

She left the table to help another customer. When she came back to our table, she surprisingly and shockingly said, "Wow! I feel so much better. I have just a tiny little pain left." So I said to Liam, "Pray again!" He did, and the pain left the rest of the way! She was smiling and hugging me, saying, "Thank you! You so blessed me today."
Remember the kingdom of God is at had even when you're eating lunch. Serve the one serving you!