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Shopping at a mall in Chemnitz Germany leads to Kingdom Encounter!

We saw a sweet older couple sitting next to a fountain in the mall. I said to Delci, “It’s like John 4 with the woman at the well. Let's go over and see what happens.” So we approached the couple with a very warm hello. Delci did such a great job helping us connect with the couple. 

We talked a few minutes with them then asked if we could give them an Easter blessing. We asked if they had any pain that we could pray for. The sweet lady said, “Yes, I have pain in my neck, back, and knees.” We asked what her pain level was on a scale from 1-10, and she said a 10. We knelt down in front of her as she was sitting down as we began to pray for her. By the 3rd prayer, all the pain was gone! 

Then Delci knelt down in front of the gentlemen and began to share the love of God and gospel with him. He teared up and said, “I will never forget this day for the rest of my life.” It was a sweet and powerful moment. 

After the encounter with the older couple, Delci suggested we go get a cappuccino. As we walked upstairs to a coffee shop as, I saw an employee, who ended up being the manager of the coffee shop. I said to Delci, “I think this lady has a condition and pain right between her shoulder blades.” 

Delci said, “OK, I will purchase my cappuccino and ask her.” Delci asked the manager, “May I speak to you for a moment?” As the manager came over to us, Delci said, “My friend here had an impression for you that you were experiencing a pain between your shoulder blades.” 

“How does he know this?” she asked. “I've heard about stuff like this before,” she explained, thinking I was a psychic. Delci told her that JESUS gave me that information because He wanted to show her His love. Delci asked if she would let me pray for her. The manager was quite surprised but said, “OK, sure!” 

I prayed for her, and all the pain left. She kept saying, “My back is warm. It's warm. It's warm,” as she felt the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. She looked at both of us with such a wonder of amazement. We told her this was the love of Jesus for her and this was an expression of what Easter is all about. By this time, her store started getting busy; we wanted to honor her store, so we hugged her. As we left, we could see her sharing with her employees what just happened. 

We were just at the mall in Chemnitz, Germany, looking for some stuff to buy and looking for what God was doing! Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.