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Shopping for Christmas and Healing the Sick

I was at Best Buy trying to pick up some Christmas gifts, when I met Anna. As she was helping me, I got an impression that she had neck and lower back problems. When I asked her about it, she said she has been in back pain for years—daily pain since 1986 due to ruptured disks in her neck and back. She said her pain level was at a level 5.

I asked if I could have her hand, and prayed for her. I commanded all the pain to leave and told Anna that she would feel a warm tingling presence come over her. After praying the first time, her pain decreased to a level 2. I prayed once more again for her, and Anna said she felt a warm sensation going through my hands, into her hands, into her whole body. Her pain totally left, and she said, “Jesus is still healing today!”