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Sick, hurting, and feeling bummed, but the kingdom of God is still at hand!

Sick, hurting, and feeling bummed, but the kingdom of God is still at hand!
As I drove up to order my Frosty (AKA comfort snack) at the Wendy's drive-thru, I was feeling a bit down with Tyler struggling again with tics, our dog Ruby hurting due to a bizarre hip condition, and I just got through taking my son Josiah to the urgent care because he was running a fever and feeling super sick. I had also woken up today well before dawn to take my mom in for surgery on a deviated septum, a condition I’ve seen God heal several times in other people. I was pondering all this and just feeling bummed. As the drive-thru lady took my money, another lady rushed up to hand me my frosty at the pay window (not the pick-up window). I was taken back for a moment, and I she smiled and handed me my frosty. I thanked her and then said, “Hey, have I prayed for you before?” because she looked familiar. She said, “No, but you asked me if I had a neck problem a week ago and I said no. Then two days later I got in a car accident and

got really bad whiplash, and it's been hurting ever since. But I had to keep working, and I thought about you asking me that. So when I saw you, it reminded me.” I asked if she was in pain now. She said, “Oh yes!” I asked if I could take her hand and I prayed a quick prayer. Her face lit up as the presence of God came upon her and the pain from the whiplash left instantly! The look on her face was priceless. Here's her video testimony.
Remember the kingdom of God is at hand even when you’re sick, hurting, and feeling bummed. We are all wounded healers!


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