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Signs, Wonders, Toys, and Walmart...

Signs, Wonders, Toys, and Walmart
Just a reminder of the goodness of God and that his kingdom is always at hand, even when you're hanging out with your kids at Walmart.
I took Josiah and Nathaniel, my five-year-olds, to Walmart to spend their $6 they had left over from their Christmas money. They said, "Daddy, we want to buy a Ben 10 toy."
"Boys, I don't think you can get a Ben 10 toy for 6 bucks, but we will see." So we headed over to the toy section and I just happened to see a Walmart employee down one of the aisles. I asked the lady if they had any toys for 6 bucks.
"I'm not sure," she said, "but let's look." She was so sweet. She kept taking us down each aisle, looking for toys $6 or under. Nothing. Then she took us to the cheap toy section, and there were some toys under $6 dollars, but nothing the boys wanted. They wanted Ben 10 for $6, so she took us down one more aisle, and guess what! There were some cool Ben 10 toys for $4.50! The boys were excited, and they still had a little bit more money, so they were able to get a snake and a slinky. This lady was so sweet and patient and was really serving us, so I asked the Lord if He had something for her. I wanted to be a blessing to her. Then the Holy Spirit began to whisper to my heart about 4 health conditions she had in her body. I said, "Hey, are you having problems with a pain pressure in your chest, and you're having issues in your shoulders and back and your knees?" She looked at me with a shocked looked and said, "How did you know that?"
"It's your right knee, isn't it?" I asked further.
She freaked out, again asking how I knew that.

"Sometimes Jesus gives me information about what's going on in people's lives because he wants to heal them, love on them, and make himself known," I explained.
"Wow, that is crazy!"

"Hey, can my boys pray for you?" She said that was fine. The boys put down their toys and began to pray. Then I asked her what's going on.
"I feel better," she said. She described that when they prayed she felt a popping in her chest and she felt like she could breath better.

I asked her if all the pain in her body was gone. I said, "Listen, tell me the truth. You won't hurt the kids' feelings or mine."
"I feel better in my chest," she said, "but my knee and back still hurt."
"Not a problem," I said. "Let me see your hand." Then I prayed again. I could feel power flowing into her as she started to lose her balance. She started laughing and freaking out. I knew these were indications of the presence of God upon her. I said, "Move your knee."

Then she really started to freak out. "There's no more pain!!!" She had had pain in her knee since July after a bad fall. She told me on a scale from 1 to 10, the pain was a 9 level all the time, and she is in tears often due to the pain. She was so surprised and kept saying, "I can't wait until I get home to tell my fiancé what happened."
I asked her, "You know why this happened?"
"No. Why?"
"Because God loves you so much and just wanted to show you."
She just smiled in amazement and kept laughing in joyous surprise!
Good is so good!!! Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you're looking for $6 Ben 10 toys at Walmart. Keep living it with love and power!
Check out the video testimony.