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Steps of risk...

I had a friend message me today about taking steps of risk. Her heart is to live out a naturally supernatural lifestyle and put Jesus on display with love and power. But like all of us, risk is scary, and there is a vulnerability that comes with risk. It's natural to play it safe and not take the risk. However, the price of not living a life of risk costs more in the long run than the price of looking foolish. I love what John Wimber used to say: "I'm a fool for Christ. Who's fool are you?" The truth of the matter is we never really escape looking foolish, so why not live a life looking or at least embracing the feelings of foolishness to others for the sake of Christ for others? In actuality, your lack of risking is more foolish. Your living a life of risk just might be the breakthrough for someone else. So here is what my friend said: "I'm making a risk quota for my life." Her risk quota was to take one risk each week. "Brilliant!" I told her. That's 4-5 acts of risk a month. What she thought might seem simple or baby steps was to me brilliance! What may seem like a crawl to her is actually training her to run a marathon. I was so excited I wanted to share her risk quota idea. I encourage you to take the risk quota challenge like my friend,whatever you decide that quota is between you and the Holy Spirit. Set a pace that challenges you but that you can attain. One act of risk a week equals 50 kingdom encounters a year. We can all do this! Let's live our lives with risk for the kingdom!