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Stoplight word of knowledge!

Stoplight word of knowledge! On Sunday Jeanine and I had just left a church service at All Nations Fellowship (a Vineyard church) in Tulsa, OK. As we left, we pulled up to a stoplight. I was in the passenger seat and Jeanine was driving. I looked over and a car pulled up next to me at the light. There was a man driving with a woman passenger, and his window was down. I had a quick, fleeting impression so I blurted out, "Hey! You have a problem in your mid to lower back... is that right?" He looked at me a little confused, so I repeated it again and pointed on my back exactly where the pain was. He said, "Yes," and the woman passenger was nodding and smiling. I said to him, "Well today the Lord Jesus heals you." Then this came rushing out of my mouth: "The depression that has hovered over your family is broken today." The man just looked at me with that deer-in-headlights look, and the woman sitting in the passenger seat reached her hand out the window with a BIG THUMBS UP! I was thankful it was a thumb and not a finger : ) The light turned green and we both drove on our way. The kingdom of God is at hand even when you're at a stoplight.