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Taking a Risk in Ada, OK! When I think back to a time I felt the most foolish, it was in Ada, Oklahoma. But I took a RISK, failed, then saw the Kingdom Come in a powerful way.

My friend, Greg Roberson, lives in Ada. My friend, Ramey Redden, and I got in our car to head to Ada for the purpose of doing some power evangelism on the streets with Greg that day. On the way, Ramey received an impression that we would encounter someone with a right shoulder problem, so we were excited to see what would come of that. We met at Greg’s house, and before we started out we decided to pray. Our prayer time felt very unanointed at first, but we began to worship and declare God’s goodness. We asked God to empower us. We could feel the presence of the Lord in Greg’s living room. As we prayed, a phrase kept coming to my mind over and over and over: “There’s a shaking of awakening coming to Ada!”

I felt compelled to shout this phrase out to the neighborhood, even though I knew I would look like a complete idiot. So I stood out on Greg’s front porch and shouted “There’s a shaking of awakening coming to Ada!” What did I care if I looked foolish? I didn’t live in Ada. I was wondering what the neighbors across the street were thinking. Did they think I was shouting directly at them? Even Greg piped up and said, “Dude, I have to live here!”

We went back to the living room and kept praying. At one point, I looked out the window and saw a car out on the street. A lady and a man were talking. A flood of impressions and words of knowledge came to me as I looked at them. I had seven very specific impressions about the lady. I knew things about her physical body—she suffered from anemia, among other things. To top it off, I heard the Lord say, “And by the way, she loves horses.”

I was taken aback by these words, trying to process them. How would I go over and engage this lady in a conversation? I had a million questions and doubts rolling around in my mind. I needed to use the restroom, so I thought I’d take care of business, then tell the guys about the impressions I was getting so we could figure out how to make our approach.

After getting out of the restroom, the lady and the car were gone. I asked Greg if he had seen her, and I ran outside to see if they were farther down the road. No one appeared to be home across the street where I had just seen her. We prayed and asked God to give us another opportunity to speak with the lady.

We continued praying. Some of our prayer was really just nervous stalling. We were afraid to actually go out on the streets. It was much easier to just pray about going out on the streets. So we decided to pray for one another (more stalling). When we were praying over Greg, I had a vision of little kids in diapers running barefoot and playing in oil. It didn’t make sense, but I shared it with Greg and Ramey anyway. It didn’t mean anything to any of us, so I just put it aside.

After we prayed a little bit longer—even more stalling—I really wanted to start going door-to-door asking people if we could pray for them. I like to dive into the deep end, but Greg and Ramey wanted to start at the shallow end of the pool first by going to a coffee shop, a place that felt less threatening than the anonymous doors of the neighborhood. When we arrived at the coffee shop, we all ordered a drink and sat down. The shop was pretty empty; just the barista and one other couple were there. We were trying to figure out who to pray for and which of us would go first. We decided I would. I felt like I might have something for the barista.

I went up to her and said, “Hey, sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. Do you mind if I share something with you?” She had one of those roll-your-eyes, “whatever” looks mixed with a sarcastic smile. I shared the impressions with her and asked if any of them made sense to her. She said no, not one of them. The shop was kind of small, so the other couple in the shop could overhear the conversation. I could hear the whispering of hecklers like resounding shouts in my ears. I said to the barista, “I’m not very good at this, am I?” She agreed with a laugh, and I thanked her for letting me share.

As we left the coffee shop, we really started questioning ourselves. Did I get anything right? I’m such an idiot! The wind was taken out of my sails. Instead of giving up, we decided to go to apartment complexes, where we went door-to-door asking if we could pray for people. I was sure we would see something happen. We spent about thirty to forty-five minutes knocking on doors, always keeping an eye out for the person with a bad right shoulder that Ramey had seen. We heard a lot of “no thank you” and “nobody’s home.” There were a couple of people who let us pray for them, but nothing happened as far as we could tell.

We tried one last door before we left. We knocked on the door and said we were out trying to be of service, loving on people, praying for people’s needs. “Is anybody sick in your home? We just want to show you that Jesus’ presence is near and close.” Long story short, after talking to the guy, he told us that we needed to go back home and pray some more. It was a real faith killer. When the lost tell you that your prophetic ministry is bad, it feels like it’s time to go home.

We decided to go back to Greg’s house and call it a day. I was feeling beat up and defeated, like a dog with his tail tucked between his legs. We had such excitement and hunger to see this “shaking of awakening in Ada.” What had happened? We gave each other the “at least we tried” pep talk.

As soon as we entered Greg’s house, his wife, Carisa, began to apologize for the strong smell in the house. She had been resting when she noticed the time was 3:33, a time that speaks to her about God answering prayer (Jeremiah 33:3). She then noticed a strong smell of perfume and found her two daughters had accidentally broken an air freshener. The fragranced oil had spilled in the exact spot where I had been standing earlier shouting “There’s a shaking of awakening coming to Ada.” The girls had been laughing and playing around in their diapers in the oil. Greg, Ramey, and I all looked at each other stunned, eyes opened, mouths dropped. No way! That was the vision I had seen earlier! We told Carisa about the vision, and immediately we were filled with faith.

I looked out the front window and saw a group of guys right across the street, standing in the yard where I had seen the lady earlier. It was the same house that I had shouted at about the shaking of awakening coming to Ada. I said to the guys, “This is God! Let’s go.” Greg wasn’t so enthusiastic. He said that the house belonged to a known drug dealer, but I was full of faith and knew that God was going to do something big.

We walked across the street, the three of us feeling emboldened, but still nervous to be walking into a large group of guys. I walked right up to a guy who was talking on his phone. “Hi! I’m Brian. I live in Oklahoma City. I’m here visiting your neighbor, my friend Greg.”

He interrupted his phone call saying, “Hold on… now what do you want?”

I repeated myself. I went on to describe the lady I had seen earlier. He said she was his friend.

I asked, “Is she here?”


 “Can you give her a call?”


Due to the vision I had received earlier and because of what happened with Carisa and the girls, I had a bold assurance and faith. So I said, “I have a message from God for her. Can you give her a call right now?”

He still had his phone to his ear, so he said into the phone, “Hey, I gotta go. This guy is saying something about having a message from God.” He didn’t seem too convinced, but he gave the girl a call anyway. “There’s this guy over here sayinghe has a message from God for you,” and then he handed the phone to me.

Speaking into the phone, I said to her, “I don’t mean to freak you out, but earlier today you were over here at your friend’s house. I saw you and all of a sudden I began to get these words from the Lord for you. I’m going to tell you the words, and will you please be honest with me and tell me whether they are true or not?” She agreed, so I began to list the seven impressions I had gotten earlier, and then I said, “And by the way, you love horses.”

As I told her each thing, she began to say over and over again, “It’s true! It’s true!” as I heard her weeping on the other end of the phone. I asked if she could come to the house. She didn’t think it was possible because she had to get her boyfriend to the bus station within an hour. I asked if she would stop by briefly on the way.

While we were waiting for the lady to arrive, Greg’s drug dealing neighbor kept looking at me like the entire situation was way too weird for him. By this time, the other guys who were there had freaked out. We had tried to ask if they wanted prayer, but they wanted out of there quick, so they left. I asked Greg’s neighbor if there was anything we could pray for while we waited. He said he had an eye condition and he could only see a few inches from his face.

We prayed for him briefly and asked him to test it out. He said he could see! We backed up five feet, then ten feet, then twenty feet, and finally half way down the block. He kept saying, “I can see! I can see!” We came back from the end of the block, and he was clearly freaked out. He began to tell us that the reason all the people had been at his house that day was because a friend of theirs had recently died of an overdose and they had attended the funeral together. He was saying, “This is so weird! We just had the funeral, and now you guys are talking about God, and I can see fine.”

Around this time, Greg’s brother came over because he had heard that we were in town, but he didn’t know what had been happening. He said that as he pulled up to Greg’s house, it literally felt like he had stepped into a different dimension. The atmosphere over the neighborhood had changed.

Soon, the lady I had spoken to on the phone pulled up. She got out of the car with her boyfriend, her baby, and her child. I introduced myself, and I shared the words again so that everyone could hear. Again, she said that all the words were true. We began to pray for her and minister the love of God to her.

 As I was praying for her, Greg and Ramey were talking with the others. The boyfriend shared that he had a right shoulder problem. He was the person Ramey had received the word about earlier that day in the car. He said he could only move his arm to a certain point and it was very painful. He was heading out of town for work, and he didn’t know ifhe would be able to do the work. As we prayed for him, he told us he began to feel heat and tingling. We asked him to do something he couldn’t do before.

Now what happened next could only happen in Ada, Oklahoma. He reached over to his girlfriend and said, “Honey, give me the baby.” He put the baby in his right hand and extended the baby over his head, exclaiming with his rural Oklahoma drawl, “I couldn’t do that before!”

They had to leave right away because his bus was leaving town in just minutes, so we quickly prayed that Jesus would come near to them, and we told them Jesus loved them. They received everything we were saying and thanked us as they left. Everyone was amazed by what had happened, but there was one guy sitting on the porch who had been observing everything going on, who seemed a little stand offish.

Boldness came over me as I said “Hey you! Come over here.” For whatever reason, he just got up and came over. We began to share the love of God with him, and we explained a little bit about what had been going on. We shared a few impressions we felt we had for him. We asked if we could pray for him. The guy was listening and engaged, but I could still feel that his guard was up. Greg said, “God really has a key for you. He’s going to unlock your heart, and He’s going to give you a key.”

At that very moment, Greg looked down and saw something shiny down in the dirt. He poked around the ground and picked up an old treasure-looking key. He said, “It’s a key kind of like this.” My mouth dropped. Somehow, the Lord just manifested a key!

The guy freaked out and said, “What you are saying is all true! I can’t believe you are showing me this key! I collect hundreds of keys just like this.” He was totally undone; all his walls came down. We shared the love of God with him and led him in a prayer to give his life back to the Lord. We prayed for the power of God to come and touch him.

Afterward, we interviewed him to find out what he had experienced during our prayer. “All I can say is that it felt like I was being tasered when you guys prayed for me!” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how he knew what it felt like to be tasered, but it was awesome nonetheless.

The day had started out with lots of hope, followed by the crushing feeling of failure, and ended in people’s lives being changed. We risked a lot that day. I risked looking foolish when I yelled out to the street. I risked being wrong with the lady at the coffee shop. We risked getting doors slammed in our faces at the apartments. And we risked our pride and more when we approached Greg’s neighbor. But in the end, the kingdom of God came, and there was a shaking of awakening in Ada.

Brian Blount - From the Sanctuary to the Streets. Coaching Saints Publications. Kindle Edition.