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The Kingdom breaks out in a Greek restaurant in Speyer Germany!

Today we went to a Greek restaurant for lunch in Speyer. As we were leaving, the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge for the waitress about a condition in her neck. She was very open to letting me pray for her. Thankfully, Delci was there to help me translate and pray. Delci, Amberyln, and Ryan helped me pray for the waitress. She had a pain level of a 10, and she had been in pain for 3 months, getting shots in her neck to help with the pain. We prayed 5 times, and each time the pain got less until she was able to move her neck pain free. 

The owner came over when we were praying and was curious to what we were doing. Delci told him we were praying, and waitress was showing the owner that the pain was gone. So he called for the cook to come out and said, “Let this guy pray for your hurt shoulder.” 

I prayed about 3 times, and the cook was able to freely move his shoulder without any pain. Then Ryan gets a word of knowledge for the owner about a knee condition, so Delci and Ryan began to pray for the owner’s knee. He wasn't in pain at the time but has issues with his knee. As they were praying he felt a warm presence come over his knees. 

Then the owner started talking to Delci in German, and Delci turns to me and said, “The owner wants us to go upstairs and pray for his sick father.” So all of us headed upstairs to a flat above the restaurant where we saw an elderly man laying on a bed with oxygen. The owner tells his dad what took place with his employees and that we were here to pray for him. The sweet man welcomed our prayers. We knelt down beside him and began to pray for the man. As he felt a warm presence come over his chest, he was able to breathe better. Delci then lead him to the Lord while Ryan, Amberlyn, and I prayed for another family member and all the pain left this woman as well. 

The presence of the kingdom was breaking out everywhere. After we were done praying, the owner walked us out and said, “You all must come back for lunch tomorrow. Pray again for my dad and over my business. Lunch is on me!” So tomorrow we will be going back to pray for more people and over his business and dad. 

It's amazing what a word of knowledge can open up! Come on Jesus! Can't wait to share more of what happens tomorrow. 

Remember our job is to simply to look, listen and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power!