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The Kingdom of God at a Bar

Late one night, I was on the phone with my friend Greg Roberson who was a security guard. He was on duty at a shopping center that had a bar. While we were talking, I heard a man come up to Greg and say something to him. As he spoke, I sensed an impression that the man had an upper respiratory problem. I shared this with Greg. Greg said the guy looked normal and his voice sounded normal; he didn’t seem ill. However, Greg still asked the man, “Do you have an upper respiratory problem?” 

“Yes, I do. I have had it for over a week now, and I haven’t been able to shake it.” Greg explained that I had received that impression for him and told him he needed to talk with me. The man took the phone, and I explained the impression I had received from God and told him that I believed it was an indication that God was near him and wanted to demonstrate that by healing him. I asked the man if I could pray for him, and he agreed. I prayed over the phone as Greg prayed in person with the man. Greg asked him if he felt anything as we were praying, and he said he did. He described how his symptoms were totally relieved and said, “I believe in that higher power stuff and spiritual cleansing.” 

Greg said, “Man, what you were feeling was Jesus.” The kingdom of God had shown up in the middle of the night while I was at home, my friend was working night shift, and the man was ending a night at the bar. 

The man started walking off, and then when he was about ten feet away from Greg, he turned and said, “Man, that feels good!” Without having any language or theology to describe what had just happened, the man had been encountered by the reality of the kingdom of God at hand.

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