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The Kingdom of God at Hand in St. Louis!

The Kingdom of God at Hand in St. Louis
Last night when we checked into our hotel, we passed the concierge stand, and I sensed the gentleman had a problem in his left hand. I asked him about it, and he said he often does have pain in his left hand, but not right now, but his right foot hurt him most because of standing and walking all day. He tries to compensate by shifting his weight to his left side. We prayed for him 2-3 times, and each time the pain diminished more till it was hardly noticeable. He was smiling and saying, "Thank you, Jesus." He was a believer and was grateful we prayed for him.
Today as we left town, we had lunch at a great sushi restaurant and the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge about two conditions in our waitress's body. We prayed for her. She felt a warmth come on her body, and the pain left after praying twice. She was smiling and so grateful. She started dancing back and forth. We just expressed this was the love of Jesus for her.
Then as we were leaving the restaurant, a man was really sick, throwing up on the sidewalk. He wasn't a homeless guy, just a hotel worker on his way to catch a bus. I stopped and asked if he was ok. He said his ulcer was bothering him, and he began to get sick again. At that time, a police officer walks up saying, "Sir, do I

need to call an ambulance for you?" and I said, "Hey, I'm a pastor. Let me pray for you." (I usually don't say I'm a pastor, but it seemed appropriate in this situation, both because of the cop and also to bring peace to the man.)
As I started praying, the guy stopped getting sick, and the the policeman started agreeing with me in prayer, saying, "Yes, thank you, Jesus."

The man who was sick said, "I feel better. I can breath and the pain is gone." I walked with him and prayed as we walked, praying healing over him until we got to the parking garage where our car was. He looked fine and not sick any longer. The guy just thanked us, and I told him this was the love of Jesus demonstrated towards him. "I needed that," he said. "Thank you."
As we were leaving the parking garage the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a condition in the parking attendant's body. I asked her about it, and she was shocked that I knew about that. I told her Jesus gives me pictures and impressions about conditions in people's bodies and asked if it would it be ok if I prayed for her. As she reached out her hand, I prayed, and her pain was a 5 and went to a 1. So I prayed again and all the pain left. She felt a warm tingling presence come up her arm. She was thanking us and smiling as well. We said, "This is the love of Jesus expressed to you. He loves you so much."
Remember the kingdom is at hand because you are there. So as you go about your day, look, listen, and put the goodness of God on display.