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The Kingdom of God at Hand on Vacation - From the Sanctuary to the Streets...

The Kingdom of God at Hand on Vacation - From the Sanctuary to the Streets... My friend, Shane Jason Mock, went with me to North Carolina to attend a conference. I felt that I was to really use this time as a vacation—a time to relax and retreat from ministry. I didn’t want to get involved in any kind of evangelism or prophetic ministry out on the streets or in the conference while on this trip. I just wanted to take a few days to rest and allow God to minister to me.

Shane, on the other hand, was looking for every opportunity he could to demonstrate the reality of the kingdom. He was giving detailed prophetic words to people on the plane and in restaurants. He was excited to be practicing power evangelism, while all I wanted to do was be on vacation. Shane had heard about a famous coffee roastery in a town we were passing through, and he was intent on finding it. Despite GPS and Internet directions, we could not find the location anywhere.

Shane was getting really frustrated, so we stopped and asked someone for directions. We were told the coffee roastery had recently closed, so they suggested a different coffee shop to us. We ended up at a mediocre coffee shop, far out of the way from where we were heading. We were at a place would have never gone if it hadn’t been for the unusual circumstances.

On our way in, I noticed three people sitting at a table outside the shop. They looked totally out of place, like they were homeless and disheveled. I couldn’t help but feel compassion for them, and I began to sense impressions from God for them. I heard the impressions and wanted to ignore them. After all, this was my time to take a break from ministry.

We went into the coffee shop, but as we walked in, I found myself turning around and walking right back out toward the three people. Shane noticed what I was

doing and, having known each other a long time and having ministered to others together, he knew immediately what was going on. He finished getting his order and then followed me outside.
I approached the two men and the woman asking, “Hey, excuse me. I know this sounds odd, but does one of you have a deaf right ear and pain in your left shoulder?” These were the two impressions that I thought I was hearing from God. They gave me the typical “what, are you crazy?!” look from them, so I repeated myself to give them a moment for the shock of my unexpected question to wear off.

After a moment of the awkward silence, one of the men eventually spoke up. “That’s interesting...” Pointing to the other man, he said, “He is deaf in his right ear. I have pain in my shoulder, but you’re wrong. It’s in my right shoulder, not my left.”

Pushing past my partial mistake in hearing God correctly, I asked him if I could pray for his shoulder, and he agreed to that. I prayed, after which he told me that he felt the pain leave.
I then turned to the other man and asked if I could pray for his hearing in his right ear to be healed. Having just seen his friend’s shoulder healed, he agreed. We were all astonished as his hearing was miraculously restored after a very short prayer. We were testing it out by covering his good ear and whispering to him. He could hear incredibly well out of the ear that had been totally deaf moments before. His friends were completely amazed because they had known the severity of his hearing disability, and they were witnesses to the fact that he was hearing in a way that had been impossible before now.

These two healings opened a door for us to engage in conversation with these three people. They had experienced much brokenness and pain in their lives. One of them was carrying guilt and condemnation because of some criminal activity he had been involved in that resulted in the accidental death of his mother. We were able to share the gospel with the three of them, and they allowed us to speak into their lives in an incredible way. The lady opened up to us about her life, which enabled us to pray with her and help her through an inner healing process. The amazing thing to me about this interaction was the divine providence of it all. I was totally not looking to do any ministry or evangelism that day. I was actually trying to avoid it. We were not even supposed to be at that coffee shop. God had orchestrated the events of that day to take us to an out-of-the-way, not-so-good coffee shop for one reason: because the kingdom of God was breaking into the lives of those three people. I realized that the kingdom of God is at hand even when you are on a vacation. His kingdom never stops advancing, and He desires for us to join Him in its advance.

From the Sanctuary to the Streets - Charles Bello & Brian Blount - Coaching Saints Publications. E-book Edition.