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The kingdom of God is at hand even at a funeral.

The kingdom of God is at hand even at a funeral. My grandma passed away a couple weeks ago. (I really miss her.) I got the honor of doing her funeral. It was a great service. After the service my wife accidentally locked our keys in the van, so we had to call Geico to have someone help us unlock the van. While we were waiting around, I took three of our six kids to the restroom, and guess who called: the locksmith. Anyone who has kids knows how crazy it is to round up your kids in the restroom, and on top of that I needed to go to the restroom really bad, too. So I peeked out the bathroom door, looking for my wife to see if she could go out and meet the locksmith. She wasn't around, because she had taken the three girls to the other bathroom. So I told the boys I'd be right back, hoping it would be fast so I could take care of business myself. I went outside to flag the guy down and show him where my van was while I did my best to not do the pee-pee dance. As I talked with the guy the Lord started giving me words of knowledge about him. I thought, "Lord, don't you know I just got through doing my grandma's funeral and I need to pee and get back to my kiddos?" I told the guy, "Hey listen, sometimes I get words and pictures for people. Are you having problems with your right shoulder with a pain going down into your right hand, and your right hand is numb, and you have pain in your lower back?" He looked at me and said, "I have the problem in my right shoulder going down to my right arm. My hand is numb, and I have pain in my lower back, but I'm not in that much pain at this moment." I told him the only reason I knew this was because Jesus knows and He wants you to know He is near. I asked him if I could pray for him. He said sure, so I said a quick prayer for the guy, hoping I wouldn't pee my pants. As I walked away I was shaking my head thinking, "God, you're so good and your kingdom is at hand no matter what!" Even when you're at a funeral and you gotta pee! The kingdom of God is at hand, so take hold of it and give it away whereever you are! I'm just reminding myself because I often forget myself! Thank you, Jesus, for always being good and always being present and never too busy to release your kingdom through us, no matter the situation or how I feel! May I be renewed in my thinking again about how active, near and present you really are during life's crazy and busy moments. The kingdom of God is truly at hand no matter what we are going through. Stop, listen, obey, and see what He will do through you!