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The Marvelous and the Mundane

The kingdom of God being at hand, and putting Jesus on display is much more but not less than healing the sick, signs, or wonders. Putting Jesus on display is loving your spouse, your kids, and others. It's feeding the poor, clothing the naked. It's not just in the marvelous, but the kingdom is in the mundane day-to-day walking out of this life. 

It's cultivating and putting into practice the fruit and gifts of the spirit. Its submitting our will to his. Its living a life of RISK that's healing the sick and are putting into practice the fruit of the Spirit. It's fruit and Power it's not one or the other it's both and so cultivate the fruit of the spirit and put into practice the gifts of the spirit that's putting Jesus on display. 

The marvelous will always flow out of the mundane, so practice putting Jesus on display by loving your family well, humbly serving the needs of your community, and responding to the still voice of your Father. Know that each day the kingdom of God is at hand—that His rule and reign is present in every area of our lives. Our job is to simply submit our will to His and trust in His way. That's how we put Jesus on display. 

Never compare the marvelous and the mundane. They are both gifts that help form us into the image of Christ. Never compare the fruit and the power. You really can't have one without the other. The goal should be to cultivate both the fruit of the Spirit with the power of the Spirit.