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The Meat Is in the Street!

The Meat Is in the Street John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement, used to tell his congregation and anyone else who would listen, “The meat is in the street.” In an age of consumerism, Christians can collect spiritual experiences or acquire biblical knowledge and mistakenly believe that spiritual maturity and happiness can be measured by the size of our personal libraries or the strangeness of our religious encounters. The Bible speaks of spiritual growth as moving along a continuum of drinking milk to eating meat. Wimber reminds us that maturity in the Christian life is never relegated to simply acquiring more knowledge or esoteric experiences; it is forever linked to holiness, obedience, and mission—the walking out of our faith. Holiness is obedience turned inward; mission is obedience turned outward. We are called to outwardly focused obedience and, specifically, obedience to the great commission of Christ.

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