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This is the story behind the healing at the Wormy Dog Saloon...

This is the story behind the healing at the Wormy Dog 
Saloon .

Last Friday night, I was hanging with some old buddies that I hadn't seen for 20 years. We grew up together and did a lot of crazy things. One of the friends, Jeremiah, Facebooked me a week or so ago and we caught up on life. It was such a God thing. We shared life and Jesus. 

Jeremiah told me that one of our other good friends, Jeremy Plato, was going to be playing at the Wormy Dog Saloon with his band, Cody Canada and the Departed - great musicians. So we talked and thought that would be a great time to get together. We meet at TapWerks in Bricktown to meet, eat, and have a couple drinks.

It was good times! Jeremiah kept saying, "Isn't it great after all these years, life has taken us down different roads, and we got a carpenter, a rock star, and preacher all sitting around breaking bread." Jeanine was able to join us, as well as Jeremiah's wife, his dad and brother-in-law, and two of Jeremy's friends from Switzerland. It was a blast just sharing life - past and present.

Then we headed on over to the Wormy Dog Saloon to hear Jeremy's band play. It was packed. Jeremiah turned to me and said, "Brian, would you lay hands on my family and pray for them? You don't think Jesus would mind praying for people in a bar, would he?"

"Of course," I replied. "He would pray for anyone, anywhere, and I would be honored." I prayed for his dad, and then his wife. I could really sense the Holy Spirit and delight of God as his manifest presence came on each of them. Then Timothy, his brother-in-law, walked over to me. He put his hand on my back to get my attention - the bar was so loud it was hard to hear each other. I thought he wanted prayer, too, but he was just saying hi. Not realizing that, I said, "Can I pray for you about anything?" I put my hand on his shoulder, and I knew there was something wrong with his back. "Can I pray for your back?"

He was a bit shocked that I knew something was wrong with his back. "Only God could have told you that," he said. 

So I began to pray for him right smack-dab in the middle of the holy bar. God's heart and power came so strong that I had to hold him up from smacking on the ground. It was a sweet, powerful, and holy moment.

Afterward, I headed upstairs in the bar to join Jeanine, and a few minutes later Timothy came up with tear-filled eyes as big as saucers and a smile beaming from ear to ear. He was looking at his sister, telling her, "No pain! I walked up the stairs! I'm standing straight! I love Jesus so much!" Then he went on to tell me his story. In 2006, he had a truck fall on his back and break it. Let's just say anytime a truck hits or falls on your back, it's not good for your body. He lived in constant 10-level pain all the time, even with a handful of pills daily. He was unable to work, he couldn't lift and play with his kids, and walked with a bend. His back was messed up. He said when I prayed for him, he felt a burning sensation rip the pain out of him. His eyes and face said it all. "I can't believe how much God loves me. I can't believe he would touch me in a bar, even after I had a couple beers, and that you even had a beer with us, and God touched and healed me. All I felt all the time was pain. Anger and sadness was in my heart, and the Lord spoke to you about that. It all left. It's so amazing!" It was a priceless moment of God's amazing grace. 

We went outside to talk some more. He also told me a motorcycle accident had blown out a kneecap at one time as well. I shared with him that sometimes when people have back issues or have been in an accident one leg can be shorter than the other. So he sat down and sure enough, one leg was between a half-inch and an inch shorter than the other. So, naturally, I put on some Christian worship music, preached for thirty minutes, collected an offering, and finally recited a long, theology-filled prayer. No. I said, "Leg, grow out now." A second later, it grew out quickly. Timothy's eyes where bugging out in amazement. Again, Jesus shocked him with his might, affection, love and power. 

I asked Timothy to show me the things he couldn't do before that he could now do. He was bending, flexing, jumping, leaning. "No pain," he declared. "I couldn't do any of this before." He was totally undone by Jesus. 

If you haven't seen his testimony, please view both videos, part 1 and 2 on my FB wall. It will bless you with how GOOD God is and stir you for the great and amazing love and power of living a normal Christian life.

The kingdom of God is at hand no matter what, especially at places like the Wormy Dog Saloon. Our job is to just look, listen, and respond to his love and power for others.