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Two awesome kingdom encounters happened today!

Two awesome kingdom encounters happened today! I was just going about my day. I will post the other full story later. 

On one of encounters I was with my boys today on a dude date. I had to find a gas station because I had to go to the restroom super bad ; ) - as i left throne-room encounter ; ) I saw a guy who looked distraught, so I asked him if he was OK. He said he just ran out of gas and needed some help. I gave him some money for gas and asked if he needed anything else. He replied that he just got out of the hospital today and showed me his medical bracelet to prove it. He said he was still in a lot of pain. I asked him what his pain level was on a scale of 1 to 10. He said he was at a 12. His legs were all swollen up and his back was crazy messed up. He couldn't bend down or move his legs without pain. I prayed for him 3 times and each time the pain decreased. On the last prayer ALL the pain and swelling left. It was awesome! He was so surprised, thankful and smiling big! It was awesome! 

Got his testimony on video check it out 

The kingdom of God is at hand no matter what. We just need to look, listen and respond!