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video testimony from Crestwood Vineyards equipping outreach to Walmart...

Healing video testimony from Crestwood Vineyards equipping outreach to Walmart today! I will post the rest of the story tomorrow. Way to go Scott & Colin... You brought the kingdom in love and power and put Jesus on display! From my friend Scott Galbraith...

We were walking through Walmart with the purpose of either praying for the sick or giving words of knowledge and encouragement to people in the store. We prayed for a couple of people; one guy with a hurt hip and all the pain went away. We had a couple of words for one woman who mentioned that her mother was sick. We prayed for her and her mother as well. As we began walking again, we saw a woman on a scooter. We asked why she was riding the scooter and she mentioned the sickness she had and that the doctors were looking at amputating her foot!

We asked her if we could pray for her, that sometime Jesus heals people when we pray, as she said, ‘sure!’ After getting some more information about her pain level (9/10) and that she couldn’t move her ankle, we started praying. After a short time, she felt warmth beginning to flow. We noticed swelling going down in her ankle and she gained mobility in her ankle! Her pain dropped to a 5/10, so we prayed again. This time the pain dropped to about a 1!

During the time, a young Walmart employee came to see what was going on. We asked if she wanted to join us and she did for a few minutes! Anyway, the woman mentioned further that she had a blood clot in her calf and it was a 10/10. We prayed for that and it immediately went away! We asked if she could get out of her scooter and she did. She said that her foot was a bit tender, but it didn’t hurt! We started walking and praying. She said she could barely walk in the store, yet now she was walking without even a limp!

We went back to her scooter where I noticed her back. We then prayed for her back and her pain went away! During that time, she started talking about her family background and some of the occult things her family had been involved in through the years. We spend time praying against that as well! It seemed that, as we prayed (and she mentioned it) that she was beginning to stand more upright! We then prayed for the woman’s daughter. The daughter had knee surgery and it hurt her quite badly. She also had neuropathy. We prayed for her knee and the pain went immediately and she said she had more mobility that she has in a long

time. We then went to her feet and prayed. She said her feet felt wonderful after we prayed twice!
After that, we prayed for her and explained what a relationship with Jesus looked like. We gave them our contact information, got hugs all around and then turned to the young Afghani employee to share some words of encouragement with her in Jesus’ name. It was a very good day!