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Vizio customer care agent gets healed over the phone while helping me set up my new Vizio sound bar


Erica, a Vizio customer care agent, was helping me with the set up of a new sound bar to my TV. We were on the phone for some time as Erica was helping me trouble shoot things. While we were waiting for the updates to sync, I asked, “Erica, do you mind if I ask you a question?” She said sure, so I continued. I asked her about three conditions in her body that were giving her pain: her neck, back, and right shoulder. Erica was stunned that I knew about these three conditions and asked how I know. I told her sometimes I will get pictures and impressions about conditions going on in peoples’ bodies and life; that it's a gift from Jesus to let the person know that Jesus sees you, knows you, and is pursuing your heart for relationship with Him. She was blown away by the fact that I told her about these three conditions.

I then asked Erica why she had these pains. She explained that she's had trouble in her back ever since she had her baby. She thinks the neck pain is from stress, and last night she just injured her right shoulder and arm trying to get something under her baby’s crib. I asked her on a scale from 1 to 10 what her pain level was at right now. Erica said her back wasn't hurting at the moment, but it hurts almost all the time. She said her neck and shoulder were about a 5-level pain at the moment.

I told Erica, “I'm going to pray for you right now, and all the pain is going to leave.”

She nervously replied a reluctant, “OK.”

I just prayed a simple prayer commanding the pain, stress, and injury to leave her neck, shoulder, and arm, and for the Lord to touch her back even though she wasn't in pain there now. I told her should begin to feel a warm, tingling presence come over her body. Immediately after praying, I said, “OK, now move your neck and move your arm, and tell me where the pain is now.”

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “I can barely feel it!” I asked if it was a zero, and she said, “No, but close. It's like 1 or 2.” So I asked if I could pray again.

After praying, I asked Erica to move her neck and shoulder. As she did, she said, “All the pain is gone. It's a zero!” Then I asked her if she felt that warm, tingling presence on her body as I prayed. She said yes, so I asked her to describe what it felt like. “It felt like a heating pad.”

 “Where did you feel the most of it?”

 “I felt it in the neck and the shoulder, but mainly in the back.”

“I think this might be a sign that Jesus is also healing your back,” I explained. Then I began to share the gospel with her. I explained that this experience was a sign of His love and that He knows her and wants a relationship with her.

“I used to go to church,” Erica said.

“Erica, that's good,” I said, “but it’s not just about going to church. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. Finding a good church is helpful, but He's after your heart.”

Then Erica said, “I try to do good.”

I shared more of the gospel with her, and I asked her, “Have you ever asked Jesus to be in your heart?”

“Yes,” she said, “a long time ago. I try to do the right things.”

“Erica,” I said, “you can't try enough to do right things. Jesus has already done those right things. He wants a relationship with you, and Jesus is just showing that He wants to reconnect with you. But He has never left you. He's never forsaken you.”

I continued, “Erica, what just happened to you is what we call a power encounter. Think about it: you are at work just doing your job, then a customer who doesn't know anything about you tells you about three conditions in your body, and after praying all the pain leaves and you feel a warm tingling presence over your body. That's Jesus saying, ‘Erica! I'm right here! I love you!’ He is inviting you into a personal relationship with Himself.”

I could tell by the tone in Erica’s voice that she was just trying to process everything. So I asked Erica, “Would you like to pray and reconnect with Jesus?”

She said yes, so I asked her if she wanted to pray. “I don't like to pray out loud,” she explained.

“That's ok, Erica. Let me pray for you, then tonight or when you’re on break and you’re alone, just say to Jesus, ‘thank you for showing your love to me, and I want to reconnect with you in a personal way.’” She said ok, so I prayed over her.

At that time the update for the sound bar finished the download and synced. I thanked Erica for all her help. Then before I got of the phone I asked, “Is the pain still gone?”

“Yes, there is no more pain.”

I mentioned again how much Jesus loves her, and all she has to do is say yes.

Remember this Kingdom of God is at hand even when you on the phone with the customer care agent from Vizio. Our job is to simple look, listen and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing and by that we put Jesus on display with love and power.