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“We don’t need to go to the hospital now!” they kept saying...

Last week at outreach, we were experiencing a lot of opposition. Usually, ministry is very easy there, but it seemed like we were coming up against a lot of

opposition. I had prayed earlier, “God, please just send someone who really needs an encounter and that we can serve and see a demonstration of your power.” As we were wrapping up outreach for the night, Erika Labay and I were starting to pack things up, and a truck pulled up. A guy saw that we had water and asked if we were giving any water away. Erika and I walked over to the truck bringing waters and asked, “Is there anything we could pray for you about?”

The man, whose name was Martin, excitedly said, “Yes! Please, my wife is in lots of pain. Please pray for her! She can't walk.” Erika and I looked at each other with excitement as we realized this was a divine appointment. We told Martin to park his truck, and we went over to the passenger side where his wife was. She was in a lot of pain. We could see it on her face and in her voice.
We asked her what was wrong, and she said her pain level was so bad in her leg that she couldn't walk. We asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 what her pain was, and she said a 20! The distress and pain was very visible. As she tried to turn toward us, she couldn't move her leg. It took great effort to engage in conversation and move toward us. Both of them also weren’t very fluent in English, so Erika also helped translate.
Erika and I prayed, and the pain started to decrease greatly as we prayed. The lady was even able to swing her legs out of the truck, and she said, “I want to try to walk.” Her husband said, “Yes, try!” So she stood up out of the truck without our help. She and her husband were both shocked. She said there was still pain, but she said the pain was around a 5 now from a 20. She asked to walk, so Erika and I took hold of each hand and helped her walk. With each step, she got stronger and stronger. We walked her up and down the parking lot. Then I told her we were going to let go and let her walk on her own. She said OK, and she started walking with no one helping. The pain kept decreasing with every step. She was amazed, and so was her husband. She was now walking, but she said there was still some pain. She said, “I couldn't walk like this!”
We prayed some more, then I asked Erika to keep walking and praying for all the pain to go. I went over to her husband, Martin, who was shocked. I asked him if he needed anything. He said his leg was in lots of pain, and that he and his wife were both on their way to the hospital. His wife had been saying, no, the hospital and doctors never help her. He said he felt this urge to pull into the parking lot where we were, and then he saw the table with water and was thirsty. So he asked us for water, then he said you asked us if we could pray. He was amazed by this and was saying, “I just felt like I had to turn into the parking lot.”
He was trying to process everything, so I said, “Let me pray for your leg.” He told me 5 years ago he had been beaten up by 5 guys who thought he was someone else. His leg and knee was never the same. He was in constant pain all the time and couldn't bend it well.
I asked him what his pain level was, and he said, “Oh, more than a 10.”
I prayed, and when I did, his leg began to shake. I wondered if he was doing it or if it was the Holy Spirit, so I asked him, “What is going on with your leg?”

“I don't know!” he said in bewilderment. “It's shaking! I don’t know why!”
“That's Jesus. He is healing your leg.” Then I asked him, “What's the pain level now?” He said it was gone!!! Then he squatted down, bent down, then came up with the biggest smile. He looked right at his wife and said, “Look! No more pain!!” He was pain free for the first time in 5 years, and he could now move and bend and squat down.
Erika was still praying for the wife, and she was still experiencing some pain, but was able to walk well. I told Martin, “You are going to come help us pray for your wife. This is Jesus that is doing the healing, not us. As freely as you have received, you now freely need to give away.” I had him pray for his wife, and as he did, the pain went down to almost nothing, just a tiny bit remaining. They were both amazed and kept thanking us.
“We don’t need to go to the hospital now!” they kept saying.
Here are two video testimonies of Martin and his wife. The first one is Martin sharing his testimony in English. The second is of Martin and his wife sharing their healing in Spanish with Erika translating.

1. Video healing

2. Video healing

I have found that opposition is usually the front of the enemy but an open door to a kingdom encounter. Remember the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what.