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We got lost, but the young man got found!

Scott and I were trying to walk to the Vineyard Speyer, and we got lost. I saw a young man on the streets, smiled really big at him, and said, “Do you speak English? Can you help us?” 

“Yes, I speak a little English.” His name was Johannes. Then he added, “But I’m actually from Romania.” When he said that, I new we got lost for a reason. I've done several mission trips to Romania, and Speyer Vineyard church is connected with Romanian missions. I thought that out of all the people I could have run into in Germany, I run into a Romanian! 

Johannes helped us find our way to the church where we invited him to stay, have coffee, and meet some people from Romania at the Speyer Vineyard. Everyone welcomed him in the church, especially a lady named Ines. We invited him to join us for dinner and stay for the Vineyard conference that was being held. Johannes spent the next few days just hanging out at the church, meeting new people. I had him help me pray for people. We just treated him like one of us and loved on him. 

Then this past Sunday, during the Easter service, Reinhard shared the pulpit with me. It was great tag teaming with him. At the end, I gave out several words of knowledge, tons of people responded, and healings started to break out. It was awesome! Lots of great ministry time. Then I found out that Johannes gave his life to Jesus!

We got lost that day for a reason: to bring this young man, Johannes, into the kingdom and community.