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Well this is crazy. It's war!

Woke up not feeling that great. Had a long day of meetings today and went to lunch with the rest of the Crestwood Vineyard staff. Had a good time, even got a word for the waitress about a pain in her body. As Rick Drapeau and I prayed for her, all the pain left. She was smiling ear to ear and couldn't believe what happened. We shared with her this is the love and power of Jesus. Went back to the church where I had more meetings about the Power and Love conference and the Crestwood School of Kingdom Ministry that we are starting in September. We got a call that Amberyn was feeling sick, so when I got home I took her to a clinic by our house. Since I wasn't feeling great I decided to get checked out too while I was there. We found out we both have strep. This is crazy! I've had strep 3 times now, Jeanine twice, and two of our other kiddos all in the last month or so. Strep

is what caused Tyler to get PANDAS. We've been battling with strep for 2yrs now as a family. Thankfully Tyler is still doing amazing! Please be praying that this strep goes. We have lots going on, and next weekend I'm taking a team of 30 people to the Austin Vineyard to do a power evangelism seminar. It's war! Do me a favor and go and pray for as many sick people as you can.