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When you get stuck on the phone with AT&T, remember the kingdom of God is still at hand...

When you get stuck on the phone with AT&T, remember the kingdom of God is still at hand. I was speaking with Chris, an AT&T service rep, and she was helping me with an internet problem. Before I got off the phone, I asked Chris if she had issues with her neck and shoulder. She said yes, that it started below her ear and went down her neck to her shoulder. I said, "It's on the right side, isn't it?" She said yes!
I told her that sometimes I get pictures and impression for people about things going on in their life and body. I'm a follower of Jesus and he is the one who gives me these pictures and impressions. I asked her if she was in pain right now.
"No, but it happens everyday as my shift goes on," she explained. "You're my first caller of today, but in a couple of hours it will start hurting, and I just take a pain pill."
"OK. Let's do this: put your hand on the right side of your neck where you experience the pain. I'm going to pray that you don't experience any more pain today or again. Since there is no pain now, I'm going to ask Jesus to give you a tangible sign that he has done this." So Chris put her hand where the pain usually is and I invited the the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and rest upon her. I spoke to her body to receive the presence and for her body to be at rest. Then I told Chris, "You should be experiencing something like a tingling or warmth right now."
She said, "I feel a warmth going up and down my neck. It's like a massage. It's so warm."
I told Chris, "This is the love of Jesus for you. He is making himself known to you and encountering you with his love."
"This is a miracle," she declared. I thanked her for doing a good job helping me with my internet, and she said, "Oh thank you! I will always remember this."

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. Our job is simply to look, listen, respond, and put Jesus on display!