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Taking Love and Power to the Streets

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Wrong call turns into a kingdom encounter!

I just got a call from a guy named Bob. I could tell he had the wrong number, so I said, "Hey, wait just a second. I'm a Christian, and sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. Do you happen to have this condition," which I described. 

"No, but I busted my shoulder."

"Are you in pain right now?" He said yes, so I asked if I could pray for him. I prayed 2 times, and he felt a warm presence come over his shoulder, and the pain left! "This is the love of Jesus for you, Bob," I said. "You might have called the wrong number, but you got the right person."

"I sure did!"

The kingdom of God is at hand, even when someone calls the wrong number! Our job is to simply put Jesus on display with love and power.